English Football Betting

Whether you like a flutter on the English Premier League or if it is Skybet Championship that takes your interest then you have come to the right place, because here at Free Betting Online we will take you through all the free bet options, betting information, and betting advice that you will ever need. We keep up to date with the latest odds and news on what is happening in English football betting and also keep you in the loop with all the latest special offers and money-back promotions.

(English Football Betting)

How English Football betting began

Betting on English Football has been at the forefront of sports betting since the legalization of off-course bookmakers in 1960, and the English Premier League now attracts more wagers from more countries than any other league around the globe via online sportsbooks. Ladbrokes were the first to offer fixed odds on English football back in the early sixties but now in the era of internet domination, it is a phenomenon that no online sportsbook is without.

With such a wide television audience and a global fascination with the Premier League, it is only natural that there should be such a vast betting interest in the country's national sport. As there are now so many online betting companies it is often hard to keep track of the best bookmaker to place your bets, here at Free Betting Online we aim to do that leg work for you by pointing out the best free bet options as well as listing (below) our suggested sportsbooks.

(How English Football betting began)

English Football structure

The English football league system is structured into four divisions with an ever-widening pyramid of semi and non-professional leagues below. The top of the pyramid and the holy grail of any football player and the club is the Premier League, below that we have the Skybet Championship, then Leagues One and Two.

Promotion and relegation from each of these leagues happen at the end of the season which is typically in mid-May. The top two teams from The Championship and League one gain automatic promotion whilst the teams occupying the next four places will enter a play-off system in order to determine who receives the third promotion spot. In League, Two things are slightly different, as three teams receive automatic promotion but the same play-off system applies to the teams finishing fourth to seventh in the final league standings.

Relegation is a fate handed out to the three bottom teams in The Premier League and The Championship, whilst the bottom four are relegated from League One and the bottom two go down from League Two.

(English Football structure)

English Cup betting

The English leagues have two cup competitions, the English League Cup (now commonly known as the Capital One Cup) and the world’s oldest cup competition, the FA Cup. Both have gone through testing times of late with managers often reluctant to field their strongest team, more so in the Capital One Cup, however which does present fans of betting on English football with some prime opportunities to oppose the bigger teams based on their fielding inexperienced teams.

English Football betting options

If you’re looking for a flutter on English football but can’t decide who will win the match then fear not because there are sometimes as many as 50 other betting options for you to divulge yourself in. Everything from the number of goals in a game to the number of corners or time of the first goal can be wagered on. Some online bookmakers even offer in-play betting on who will get the next throw-in or free-kick, if it can happen in a football game then the likelihood is that you can bet on it with one of the online bookmakers. With all the free bets that bookmakers currently have on offer, there has never been a better time to test out their English football betting options.

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